Product Details

Product Details

There is an increasing demand for calcium phosphates by health-conscious consumers ad medical professionals due to its importance for good health and nutritionals valve. calcium has been considered as a major factor in bone health and the fight against osteoporosis. But now researchers in the US appear to have shown that calcium may not be the only factor when it comes to healthy bones- in fact, it is much more effective when used with another nutrient phosphorous. As phosphates makes up more than half the mass of bone minerals, the researchers said the diet should contain appropriate phosphorus if bones are to be built or rebuilt. Phosphorus if bones are to be built or rebuilt. Phosphorus deficiency is more prevalent due to change in diet (e.g. strict vegetarianism) and weight reduction programmes.

Calcium Phosphates are an important excipient used as a diluent and filler in pharma and food industries because of its inherent characters of compatibility with most of the active ingredients.

Advantage of our Di Calcium Phosphate

Flowability: Our Directly Compressible Grade Product Maintain Low angle of repose, ensuring highflowability and thus resulting in uniform blending, minimum stratification in hopper and uniform table weight.

Compressibility: Our Product shows the Required hardness due to its high porosity and uniformity and hence exhibits outstanding compressibility.

Disintegration: when it comes to aiding disintegration our DCP proves to be andeal excipient. It requires only a small dosage of disintegrates.

Neutral pH: Our DCP is neutral in pH and Chemically inert, thus it has stability with active ingredients.